In every relationship, be it friendship or love  there is always this one person who is a little lopsided. Who loves a little deeper than the other. Who is ready to give up on anything and ready to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of the other or the relationship. There is always this one person in every relationship who is always a little hurt. A little used. The one person who tends to ignore anything negative and who is ready to do whatever is in means to keep the joy intact. There is always this one person in a relationship who gets eroded. Slowly. Just like the shore.  But he finds all of that worth and is ready to be destroyed in the name of love. There is this one person who is more giving, more disappointed. The other one is rather nonchalant. Not that he doesn’t care but just not enough. We have been both! In different relationships, but we have. We have been bruised and we have bruised as well. Maybe that’s how the universe works. It’s lopsided!

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