MindPop© is an international publication with readers and contributors from across the globe.

It is a platform for every new writer. You can write? We can publish.

It is a hub for a reader of various genres.

MindPop© offers EBook distribution. Deal with one entity for all your book publishing needs. We also have a team of experts who can provide you with a marketing plan check and optimise meta-data, help you encourage reviewers to review your book online, help you get going with promoting your book on social media etc.

Our mission:
To empower writers, businesses and organisations to distribute high quality EBooks throughout the world.

Our promise to you:
We will be flexible, authentic and supportive to you or your organisation’s unique needs.

MindPop© Experts
With our combined knowledge of publishing and EBook technology, we are positioned to help you succeed.

There are complexities in EBook and print (and print on demand) production that DIY-authors and many self-publishing businesses are not geared to cope with, especially the fast-changing nature of technology. However, our aim is to guide and support you to achieve your publishing goals.

To sum up, we’re where you would enter for a casual stroll but walk out with an ignited mind.

We’re food for thought. We’re soup for your soul. We’re MindPoP!

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