• Honey Dipped Words

    Honey Dipped Words is about a generation. A generation trapped in the cycle of attachments and detachments. The words have been left unanchored to explain the emotions in the most primitive form.


    It talks of the joy of finding someone, the pain of having to leave them and then healing from the same.  It’s centered on the idea of relating to the readers and their experiences.


    It’s a book that can be read on a lazy Saturday afternoon, consequential to which the reader’s mind can trigger epiphanies, the kind of epiphanies required to unleash the caged rant.


    The aim has been to keep the originality of the emotions intact, so as to be more understanding to the readers. The book is more like a mirror reflecting inner feelings. Honey dipped words is simply about you, about the things you feel, about the peace you seek.


  • Blue Letters

    Blue Letters is a collection of poems, compiled over many years; inspired by the love that I’ve seen and experienced, the nostalgia that still remains, many a rendezvous with nature and all it contains – and thoughts brought on by a mountain peak or a full moon night.

    While retaining the existential and cosmic commentary, I hope the poems cover an emotional spectrum that each of you can relate to. I hope that they stir some memories of similar experiences or thoughts and urge more; I hope that one day, I get to read your musings.

  • Sinful Sheesha

    This book focuses on the tricks and techniques to make a perfect hookah. Hookah is a pleasurable sin everyone enjoys that but the construction and method to craft a perfect hookah are unknown to a layman.


    The book then takes on to teach the conceptual usage of hookah, its items and materials required to construct and enjoy a typical hookah and troubleshooting the small blunders made while making or enjoying a hookah. The small tricks and techniques help you to take your hookah to the next level of enjoyment while blowing the smoke.


    The next segment of the book drives you to delightful flavors which are usually enjoyed worldwide. The book gives proper recipes of flavors and methods to make it. The last segment will drive you the world of exotic hookah, the materials needed to construct them with the right ingredients and method to make and enjoy, the right way to construct a hookah and explore the world of pleasures hidden in the world of traditional hookah.


    Here’s a preview of what the book contains…


    ¬The history of Hookah
    ¬Understanding the principle of Hookah
    ¬How to make a basic Hookah
    ¬Tips & tricks of using Hookah
    ¬Delightful Hookah Flavours
    ¬Exotic Hookah Delicacies


    Enjoy your hookah responsibly.


    Let the smoke prevail!





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