It All Started With A Coffee : A Corporate Love Story

Life is all about, Twists and turns in and out” It was no different for suvreen. Suvreen,a young and beautiful engineer from village,seeks a job in the city. She gets to experience immense thrill of struggles and emotional adventure throughout her life in the city and her corporate job, while she tries to make friends,communicate and interact with colleagues who are always ready to put her down. Right from getting troubled at interview to getting teased for not knowing proper English, she faced it all with a smile and a cup full of coffee. Its journey from being an under confident stranger and a newbie at office to becoming an extraordinary employee and a family of someone. With all the ups and downs, twists and turns she manages to handle every small and big problems with an unbelievable  perfection. When life at the office provides her a cup full of problems, she puts the milk of her manners and brews it with her intelligence to make an amazing cup of coffee all together. This cup of coffee provides her some incredible experiences and some unbelievable achievements. It not only provides her confidence but also helps her to find special someone. How her brewing story takes turn when it  gets embraced with coffee and  how it changes her equation with colleagues besides helping her to find a new family at new place is the journey to look for.

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