Top 7 Law Books 2020

#1 Constitution Of India Chart

 English This chart provides information on various clauses in the Indian Constitution. This chart is particularly very useful for students appearing in IAS and other competitive exams.This chart is laminated with 30 micron thick polyester film rendering the chart tear , water & dust resistant

#2 Recent & Landmark Case Laws

This book is a collection of recent and landmark cases. It contains brief and relevant description of important cases of Supreme Court of India as well as other courts. It is highly useful for all law students. Cases are important to develop a sound understanding of legal concepts. Apart from the brief description of cases it also contains highly relevant multiple choice questions from past years’ papers of various competitive examinations. 


In this book, constitutional expert chintan chandrachud takes us behind the scenes and tells us the stories of ten extraordinary and dramatic legal cases from the 1950s to the present day that have all but faded from public memory. Written in a lively, riveting style, this book has a cast of characters that includes the who’s who of the Indian legal system. It also paints an unexpected picture of the Indian judiciary: the Courts are not always on the right side of history or justice, and they don’t always have the last word on the matters before them. This entertaining book is an incisive look into the functioning of Indian institutions.

#4 The Personal MBA: A World-Class Business Education in a Single Volume

This is a book that has thousands of people about every single aspect of business there is. It presents to readers a broad spectrum of knowledge. This will help them transform their business, career, or even their working life forever. The author tells the readers that studying an MBA at either a top school or even a normal school involves a huge investment of time, exertion and cold hard money depends on their life goals. If the reader does not want to work in an investment bank, or a consulting firm, then it probably will not be worth it.

#5 Nani Palkhivala: The Courtroom Genius

If ever a colossus strode across the Indian legal arena, it was Nani Palkhivala. After a brilliant academic career, he quickly became one of India’s most sought after lawyers and remained at center stage for five decades. Famous for his phenomenal power of concentration and persuasive advocacy, he was a supremely successful lawyer. Early in his career, he authored one of the finest commentaries on the law and practice of income tax. His reputation as a constitutional lawyer is deservedly formidable. Between 1965 and 1995, he argued nearly all important constitutional law cases before the Supreme Court of India

#6 A Handbook On Corporate and Other Laws

CA Munish Bhandari is a first class graduate from Delhi University. He passed both the Groups of CA (Intermediate) and CA (Final) Examinations in First Attempt. He is a qualified Company Secretary also. His Books for CA Intermediate (IPC) and CA (Final) have always been the ‘Favorites’ among the Students. The Handbook and the Question and Answer Book written by him have been the bestsellers since their launch(A unique Book in Tabular Format). CA Munish Bhandari has been teaching Business Law and Corporate Law in Delhi since last 12 years.

#7 Ambedkar’s Preamble: A Secret History of the Constitution of India

On 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India was adopted formally and came into effect. Its preamble set out in brief the enlightened values it enshrined and hoped to engender. In a radical shift from mainstream constitutional history, this book establishes Dr B.R. Ambedkar’s irrefutable authorship of the preamble by uncovering the intellectual origins of its six most central concepts-justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, dignity, and nation.
Although Dr Ambedkar is universally regarded as the chief architect of the Constitution, the specifics of his role as chairman of the Drafting Committee are not widely discussed. 

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