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Top 7 Exam Preparation Books 2020

#1 Be a Human Calculator (Mere Observation - No Magic)


  1. Can you find the Cube Root of a number like 46,656 in less than 5 seconds?

  2. Can you find the Square Root of a number like 1296 in less than 5 seconds?

  3. Can you find the Square of 75, 85, 95 in two seconds?

  4. Can you Add/Multiply /Subtract/Divide numbers at a faster pace?

  5. Can you check the divisibility of any number by any other number?

  6. Can you find the percentage of a number at a rapid pace?

  7. Can you factorize an algebraic expression mentally?

  8. Can you solve algebraic equations at a fast pace and much more?

If the answer to any of the above questions is No,

Then, this book is for you.

#2 A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

This revised edition of A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning, while retaining the key strengths and structure of the previous edition, brings to the readers additional questions from various competitive examinations as per the latest pattern and trends. A section on recent questions (based on memory) and their answers/solutions from different competitive examinations like SSC, SBI-CGL Tier I, AFCAT, SBI (PO), RBI Grade B, etc. has been added.

Key Feature:
The book carefully guides the candidates through faster, shorter and intelligent paths to take up the study both parts of the book, namely, Verbal, and Non-Verbal:
(a) By suitably arranging the questions based on the latest examination patterns.
(b) By providing a huge number of questions for practice, with solutions that can teach one the right approach towards solving them.
(c) By providing solved examples with full explanation to bring out the essence of each topic

#3 Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Here comes the Best Seller! Since its first edition in 2012, Fast Track
Objective Arithmetic has been great architect for building and enhancing
Aptitude skills in lakhs of aspirant across the country.
The first book of its kind has all the necessary elements required to master
the concepts of Arithmetic through Level Graded Exercises, namely Base
Level and Higher Skill Level. Comprehensively covering the syllabus of almost
all competitive examinations like, RBI, SBI, IBPS PO, SSC, LIC, CDS, UPSC,
Management and all other Entrance Recruitment and Aptitude Test, the
books has perfect compilation of Basic Concepts and Short Tricks to solve
different types of Arithmetical problems.
Unlike before, this completely revised 2018 edition promises to be more
beneficial than the older ones. With up to date coverage of all exam
questions, new types of questions and tricks, the thoroughly checked error
free edition will ensure Complete Command over the subject and help you
succeed in the examinations.

#4 Indian Polity - For Civil Services and Other State Examinations

The book “Indian Polity”, 6th edition is a must-read for the aspirants appearing for the Civil Services Examinations as well as the other state Services Examinations. It is conceived to cater to the requirements of not just students appearing for competitive examinations but also postgraduates, research scholars, academics and General readers who are interested in the country political, Civil and constitutional issues. The extant chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated as per the recent developments.<Salient features:

✔ 80 chapters and 16 appendices covering the entire Indian political and constitutional spectrum

✔ chapters rearranged as per the latest pattern of the examination

✔ coverage on the recent developments in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, constitutional interpretation, judicial review and judicial activism

✔ updated previous years’ questions and revised practice questions for both Preliminary and Mains Examinations

✔ one-stop reference for the Civil Services aspirants, students of law, political Science and public Administration

#5 Cracking the Mental Math Code

From those who read a poster asking them to join the school’s Number Sense team to the seasoned competitor eyeing State medals, this book serves as a guide and as inspiration, to not only pique interest but to build a foundation on.

You’ll find in this book a step-by-step guide on how-to solve Number Sense problems and prepare you for any mental math competitions. There are over 80 mental math techniques are explained in this book, and over 750 problems to learn, train, and improve with. Just a note: as fun as it is to learn new tricks and techniques on PEMDAS, Squares, GCD & LCM, Remainder, Higher Order Exponents, Roots, Primes & Divisors, Roman & Complex Numbers, Factorials & Combinations, Sequences, Memorization, Fractions, Decimals, Bases, Linear & Quadratic Equations, Sets, Logarithms, Matrices and many more.  It’s just as important to master them and implement them in full-length tests!

I wish you all the best of luck, and happy computing!

#6 25 Years UPSC IAS/ IPS Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers

The thoroughly Revised and Updated 10th edition of Disha’s BESTSELLER “UPSC IAS/ IPS Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers 1 & 2 (1995-2019)” consists of past years solved papers of the General Studies Paper 1 & 2 distributed into 8 Units and 52 Topics.
The book has been empowered with Unique Inputs/ Articles by one of the Most esteemed facuties for IAS – Mrunal on ‘Understanding the IAS Exam & Strategies to Crack the Prelim & Main Exam’, How to Attempt the IAS Main Exam Questions?, How to write Essays for GS IV Main exam, along with Solutions to 2017-19 exams.
The book provides UNSOLVED Mains Papers from 2013-18, divided topic-wise. The book also provides List of Essays divided topic-wise from 1993-2018.
The strength of the book lies in the Errorless DETAILED Solutions. The book is 100% useful for both the General Studies papers (1 and 2) of the Prelims/ CSAT.

#7 The Malayala Manorama English Yearbook 2020

The 55th edition of Manorama English Yearbook 2020 is packed with information spread across 25 sections such as Current Affairs,General Knowledge, Major Government initiatives (GoI), Science and Medicine, Skill Development, Information Technology, Environment, Space, Gender and Social Justice, Education and Career, Art and Culture, Sports, Polity, Indian History, Geography, Economy and International Relations, and much more.
2020 Yearbook has articles on India celebrating 70th year of becoming republic, the Spirit of New India –the speech delivered by PM Narendra Modiji,20 exciting careers of future,Youths and Nav Bharat Nirman by Vice President M.Venkaiah Naidu, and My dream of New India by Dr.Shashi Tharoor.The Yearbook also contains articles in areas like Foreign education and Foreign relations, Environmental issues, Social Justice & Gender equality besides all regular updates like Ethics, People and Places in News, Awards and Honours.


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