Top 7 Erotic Fiction Books 2020

#1 Sex Education: A Woman's Awakening

Sex Education, A Woman’s Awakening: The Series: Rebecca Beiler’s recent sexual urges are at odds with her strict religious upbringing. Married at 17 to a sexually repressed man who left her a widow, at age 26 she now finds herself yearning to be taken hard by hot men with chiseled bodies. When an indiscretion with a neighbor leads to a six-month expulsion from her community, Rebecca attempts to purge herself of her sinful desires by giving into them, in full. Unfortunately, each new intoxicating encounter only intensifies her cravings — intense lustful cravings for physical ecstasy that lead Rebecca to dark recesses of the sexual underground and compel her to do things the likes of which she never imagined herself capable.

#2 Get Naked: New Adult Romance

Get Naked is the hottest new contemporary romance from bestselling author Lucia Jordan!

Carrie Lawrence thinks she has it all figured out…until Gabriel Vidal enters her life. He’s funny and charming and has a devious plan in mind. A losing wager lands Carrie as Gabriel’s slave for a week and, despite her protests, she can’t deny how excited she is by the prospect. But has Carrie really thought this through? Is she really ready to put everything at risk to fulfil her deepest desires?

#3 Naughty

Alex Conrad knows that the girl across the hall looks familiar, but he just can’t place her…until she shoots THAT smile at him. Lexie Gill, the nerdy, bespectacled girl from college whom Alex often fantasized about but never managed to make those dreams a reality. He had been pretty damned sure he’d be too much for her back then, and he’s sure as hell he’d be too much for her now. But now with her messy blonde hair, short blue dress revealing legs he had never set eyes on before, and the strapless bodice showing off her incredible tan, he’s tempted to try this time around to make his fantasies a reality. Part of him knows why he should stay away from her – his hidden desires may be too much for her to handle. But the yearning to teach her about his world is a challenge too mouthwatering to ignore.

#4 How To Be Good At Sex

Spice Up Your Sex Life And Be The Best Lover You Can Be!
You’re about to discover how to improve your relationship by having mind blowing sex with your partner. After a while, in relationships, things can get stale if you don’t keep your sex life exciting. Millions of couples around the world suffer in silence as their dwindling sex life goes out the door.
How to be good at sex is full of techniques sexed up couples use to improve their sexual relationships with each other. Having a better sex life can improve all areas of your life so finding out how to improve sex life, should be on top of all couples lists.
The trick to having mind blowing sex is to learn how to understand your partner, what excites them and what to avoid.

#5 Should You Touch Me There Doctor?

30 erotica stories featuring doctors going too far… filled with every naughty detail and extreme pleasure!

– Innocent patients
– Rough, hard encounters



You want you need it dirty… want it taboo… love it rough!

So come and get it!

#7 Heir - End of Innocence

50 AD India – an unscrupulous princess, two kingdoms, three men, and four generations.

Heir is an erotic novel about an Indian princess of sixteen summers in 50 AD, married to a man older than her father, to secure the two kingdoms fate. It is a story of Padmakishori who was obstinate enough not to accept an unfulfilled sexual life with her husband as a dictum of destiny. The story follows the events in the life of Padmakishori as she tried to secure her amorous way of life, intertwined with lives and decisions, memories and lives of four generations.

This novel would appeal readers who like a story set in ancient times, with elements of drama, continuity of the story through time, deception and strong characters with their flaws leading them. Reader who enjoyed Ann Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy or Luca Rosi’s Branches of Time would be delighted with this novel.

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