Life At A Glance

Life at a Glance is a collection of poems based on the reality of life. The incidents
we go throughout the life. The struggles we face, the success we celebrate. It’s a
collection of all those experiences of life. It’s about how we met our first love,
how we face break ups. And it’s about the harsh reality of life that the devil also
exits in this world. It tells us that life break us several times but it’s totally
depends on us that how we want to deal with this. Either we can stand again and
fight our demons or we can simply give up. I get this idea of writing this collection
for some real experiences on my life. We all go through these things. We all fall in
love some of us get back the same but some of us face heart breaks. It also covers
few social issues like the Rapes, Racism, about fair and Dark. It explains that the
real beauty is not about the color of skin it’s about the inner qualities of the
person. It also covers the rapes that are going on in the society with the help of
these poems I tried to open the eyes of those devils that do such kind of crime.
And it also shows that how society treat the rape victim. It’s harsh but yes it’s the
reality of the society that they treat the rape victim badly.

At last I want to conclude that this book is all about the real things incidents and
situations of life that we all face at certain point of time.

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