my dream job guide D

My Dream Job Guide D: A 26-Book Series On World Professions

There is no denying that folklore plays an important role in shaping the beliefs and imagination of our children. But times today have changed and continue to change as you read this. The world is becoming increasingly competitive; rat race and herd mentality are among the terms that best define the lifestyle today.Inevitably, there needs to be something that helps our children prepare for this competition.

But do we want to take away from them the stories that form their dreams—of kingdoms, of princes and princesses, and of magic. Absolutely not!

How about, then, we do something that brings to them the best of both worlds—something that helps them dream and also educates them?

Ones career is an important aspect of ones life. And this isn’t something that, I believe, should be thought about a couple of years before one finishes school or maybe a couple of days after the results are announced. Undeniably, there is a gap between what we teach our children and what they need to learn.

The aim to create the Role  &  Rollland™  My  Dream  Job  Guide  (A  26-book  series  on  world  professions)  Series was to fill in this gap.

The Role & Rollland™ My Dream Job Guide (A 26-book series on world professions) Series 1 is a set of 26 books, one for each alphabet. Each book covers ten professions, the names of which begin with that alphabet. For example, the book for the alphabet covers professions like Dog Trainer, Dental Assistant Dance Instructor, Dairy Cattle Farmer and so on.

This synopsis outlines the vision and the concept behind these books and introduces you to the soul of our books—the Role & Rollland gang!

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